Monday, December 31, 2012


Q: What is this?
A: This is simply a review of various tacos that can be found around Fort Worth.

Q: Why?
A: Because Fort Worth's taco scene is highly underestimated, and taco fans within the city need edification on where to visit/avoid.

Q: Do you get paid?
A: Of course not. I am simply reviewing tacos.

Q: What types of restaurants do you review?
A: First, "restaurant" is a broad term. Some reviews will be that of a taco truck. Some will be a garage. Essentially, any place that piques my interest that serves tacos will be reviewed.

Q: Do you get free meals?
A: Nope. In fact, 99% of the time I am reviewing these establishments, the owners/managers/cooks, are not even aware.

Q: Will you take recommendations?
A: Absolutely!

Q: How often to do you do reviews?
A: I will endeavor to publish a review weekly.

Q: Explain the rating system

Give your money to charity instead (preferably St. Jude's).

If you are in the neighborhood, it might be worth a try--as it's better than Taco Bell.

Definitely recommend. You'll begin to experience quality tacos.

Get your arse their ASAP. Incredible tacos!

Once in a lifetime taco.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

SoCal Tacos

Various Locations (
972.246.TACO (8226)
All Major Credit Cards (Very cool for a Taco Truck!)

Tacos Consumed: Steak (Newport)/Chicken (Delmar)
Prefered Taco: Steak (Newport)

Driving home I noticed a Taco Truck (a what?) in my neighborhood at N. Beach and Western Center. There were quite a few cars parked and a line had formed. "Oh, I'm gonna get some of that!" I thought.

A few hours later I returned to take some tacos back to enjoy, and was greeted by Scott who (I think) was the owner. I immediately figured out this was from the growing trend of "hipster trucks" that are starting to pop-up. While my preference is the old school taco trucks where you stand in line with beaten-down immagrants trying to woof something down during a construction break. Those are the ones near to my heart.

SoCal Tacos is akin to a Fuzzy's on wheels. It's your typical hipster truck God help them if they ever get a liquor license as I imagine this would be "the place to be" to sit out, eat tacos, and drink beer.

Scott and his group seem to have a pretty good following (and that just grew by one!). Almost every customer that was in line seemed to know Scott...and those that don't got to know him real fast due to his excitement of entertaining guests.

Scott was adamant that I did not get my tacos "to go" to for my review (I can fully respect that as fresh is always best) - BUT there is something to be said about tacos that will keep for at least 20 minutes..and these did!!

Admittetly I was not a huge fan of these hipster trucks when the genre started about 3 years ago...but a good taco--no a GREAT taco--is a great taco! SoCal Tacos were among the best I've ever eaten - hands down. I am confident any of my adpoted mexican brothers would agree these tacos still hold on to the tradition of "street tacos" yet provide many of the plush amenities that most of the trucks would - if they could.

I am unsure of the different offerings they have, seeing things like "Newport" and "Delmar" threw me off a little. I informed Scott, "I just want some Asada". I was also clear that I wanted corn tortillas, and cilantro and onions. Even though my business trips in LA resulted in many tacos like I described, I wanted to be sure I would not get a "Fuzzy's-like white-boy taco", and I was not disappointed.

At $3.00 a taco, I doubt SoCal Tacos will do much business setting up shop on the corner of Seminary and Hemphill, (ie Tacoville). However, he can bring the tastes of Tacoville to, say....Southlake I don't see why the line would not be 20 people deep.

EASILY a five-taco rating. I never would have guessed it, but I call 'em like I see 'em. Damn those are good tacos.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Nene's Taqueria

Beach Street/Riverside
Thu., Sun. 5:30pm - 1:00am
Fri., Sat. 5:30pm - 2:00am
(Closed Mon-Wed)

Taco Consumed: Asada/Carnitas
Preference: Carnitas

In the old Minyard's parking lot on Riverside/Beach St., I noticed an interesting taco truck, "Nene's Taqueria".

Upon approaching it, I noticed a woman outside the truck setting up table/chairs and thoroughly cleaning everything in site (perhaps this was 'Nene'?).

I looked at the menu and noticed the tacos were 1.40 each (a little over-priced), BUT it can sometimes be worth it. Seeing as I was hungry and wanted to make up for the Carniceria Los Arcos imbroglio, I ordered three Asada and one Carnitas. After a long days work I was slow on the draw and was asked "would you like cilantro and onions?" ARRGH! The reason I hate this question is because I know if I were hispanic, it would not even be a question. However, if I wanted "white boy" tacos I would go to Taco Bell. Anyway, they are not the first to ask this. Typically it's a competition to see if I can state "with onions and cilantro" before the order-taker asks me that question. This time--they won. ;-)

As I explained to the woman why I was taking the picture of the taco truck ("I review tacos" is by typical beaten down line I give), I asked if they had been in business at this location long. "Oh yea, for a long time". Because I have NEVER seen that truck there, I assume she meant I asked how long they have had the taco truck in general. Regardless, let's hope they make a go of it and are successful at this location.

I was very impressed with the packaging for for my to-go order. This can often be the difference-maker in taco trucks. Nene's tacos came wrapped in quality aluminum foil and were placed in a paper sack with lime, taco sauce, napkins and even salt/pepper. I also noticed they had two hand-sanitizers (something that is becoming en vogue with Fort Worth taco trucks).

Now to the the tacos themselves. About two hours after ordering them, I unwrapped the aluminum foil and was surprised (shocked, actually) that they were still warm. I'd rather not re-heat tacos--so this was a MAJOR plus.

For followers of this hunt, you will notice that for the first time I actually preferred the Carnitas over Asada. Was this because the Asada was not that good or because the Carnitas were very good? The answer is both.

My problem with the Asada were the cuts of meat were incredibly fatty and tough. In one instance I even had to do that thing where you reach into your mouth and pull out that piece of meat you've given up trying to consume--'cause it's just not working. While they were tasty, the quality of the meat was sub-par. The Carnitas on the other hand were among the best I've had. Very tasty and good cuts of pork.

Each taco was double-wrapped in yellow corn tortillas (always a plus). The cilantro was not very fresh. They were dark green and a little wilted.

I will give Nene's Taqueria the benefit of the doubt that their Asada is not always tough/fatty and their cilantro is not always wilted, because everything was PERFECT. If needed, the next time I visit I might be forced actually go with the ol' "Do you know who I am?" so I am sure to get the fresh cilantro and best cut of Asada. ;-)

Carniceria Los Arcos

6809 Mccart Ave Fort Worth
(817) 370-7131
Major Credit Cards Accepted

Taco Consumed: Barbacoa
Preference: None

Ugh! That is the best way I can describe my latest stop on the hunt. Carniceria Los Arcos was by far the worst experience to-date.

This place is on McCart Avenue about two miles south of South Hills High School.

First, the smell. When you walk in to this place, it's hard to describe what the smell is---but whatever it is---it ain't right. I tentatively made my way to the "taqueria" and asked what sort of tacos they had. I was told "Carnitas (pork), or Barbacoa (beef)." I slowly responded, "Uhm, can I look at it." The cook pulled the lid off of the pan that had the Carnitas, and I immediately said, "Can I see the Barbacoa?"

I took the lesser of two evils (based on site) and went with the barbacoa. I informed the cook I wanted corn tortillas with onions and cilantro (I assumed that would answer all the questions) but he quickly got in "Red or Green sauce"? Hmmm...good one. I elected for green.

I estimate it took 4-5 minutes to make my taco, which is actually a long time. Additionally, there was no place to sit and eat inside of Carniceria Los Arcos (not that I could have stomached the smell anyway).

I decided to take my single taco and eat it outside. To make things more interesting, there were wind gusts of up to 30 mph. As I set the styrofoam box on my car and opened the "green sauce", it immediately blew over and I had "green sauce" ALL over the hood of my car.

As for the taco? It sucked. There is no other way to describe it. I never knew meat could taste so bland. As I write this, my stomach is getting nauseous just thinking of the taco. My job is to provide you with non-biased reviews of Fort Worth's tacos--and my advice for Carniceria Los Arcos--stay away.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Taqueria Rio Grande Taco Truck

Camp Bowie/Cherry Lane (Fiesta parking lot)
Open 7 Days per week 9-11
Cash Only

Tacos Consumed: Asada/Fajita
Preference: Asada

Prior to attending a business lunch at Uncle Julios, I decided to make a quick stop at this taco truck I'd seen in the Fiesta parking lot. There seemed to be dualing taco trucks at this intersection as there is another taco truck across the street--and I was determined to pick a winner. Seeing as though the other taco truck was absent upon my arrival Taqueria Rio Grande is the official winner (attendance plays a key role with taco trucks, as you want them to be there when you need them).

Any taco truck that opens at 9:00 am gets bonus points, as taco lovers begin their cravings early in the morning. Seeing as though I would be having lunch at Uncle Julios later in the afternoon, I opted for only two tacos. At $1.50 per taco, they are a little on the high-priced side for tacos, but my expectations were certainly met.

It's well-known my favorite taco (by far) is Asada. However I could not contain myself from also sampling a fajita tacos. Most taquerias do not differentiate between the two (simply because they can't), but Taqueria Rio Grande displays tangible differences between Asada and Fajita, which simply adds to the excitement of taco truck tacos.

I found both tacos interesting in that while they were small, there were filled with generous portions of meat, with just the right amount of cilantro and onions. The tacos were double-wrapped in grilled white corn tortillas. White corn seems to be the tortilla de jour these days, and while I prefer yellow corn tortillas (they seem to have little more kick), these were certainly quality tortillas.

The fajita's were perfectly grilled with a hint of smokiness to them and contained juicy grilled onions, and the asada contained that spicy kick that I enjoy. I found the accompanied taco sauce average, at best...but frankly the taste of the tacos did not require much condiment action.

Taqueria Rio Grande has everything I enjoy in a taco truck. The food comes in a styrofoam container, there is plenty of napkins, outdoor seating (with a trash can), and they even had hand-sanitizer, which I thought was a GREAT touch!

I have to pay this taco truck the highest compliment I can give a taco, as when I drove off, I craved more of their tacos. "Always keep them wanting more" is the true sign of a good taco.

During my business lunch at Uncle Julios, I ordered Tacos Al Carbon, and could not help but laugh to myself as Taqueria Rio Grande $1.50 tacos were light-years better than Uncle Julios $10.00 tacos.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Tortas La Hechizera West Side

7905 Camp Bowie West
Fort Worth, TX 76116
MC/Visa Accepted
Mon-Sun 8:00am-9:00pm.
(817) 696-0900

Tacos Consumed: Asada/Shredded Chicken
Preference: Asada

It has been a while since my last review. As I told a friend of mine, I simply became "sick of tacos". I've had quite a bit of requests for an "About me" or "Contact me" section. I've stated before, this website is about Tacos--not me. Consequently, if you do need to reach me---simply leave a comment in the FAQ and I will get back with you.
Back to the looking for Carniceria Y Taqueria Dos while on Camp Bowie (still don't know where that place is), I noticed Tortas La Hechizera West Side (henceforth known as 'LaHech'). It's been a while since I enjoyed a taco, so I ventured in.

Upon walking through the doors, I realized I knew this place. This is the same place as La Hechizera in Tacoville. I am not a huge fan of multi-chain taquerias. Regardless, I was in, so I placed my order.

Both tacos were standard tacos. Standard as in "real" tacos (corn tortillas, cilantro, and onions). The shredded chicken taco was quite juicy (always a plus). One good sign of a taco is when you bite into it, juice squirts. Not grease, put simply juice.
La Hech serves open-faced tacos. While this does aid in prepping the taco, the downside is it tends to get cold quickly. I prefer the tacos already folded, and then I can prep if I desire.
All in all, not too bad, but not earth shattering, either. At $1.50 per taco, I feel they are a little over-priced. However, there are not too many taquerias in that area, so if you live/work near there---it's definitely worth a visit for real tacos.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Silver Horse Saloon Taco Truck

Fort Worth, TX
Cash Only

Tacos Consumed: Asada
Preference: Asada

I duly apologize for the length in time posting. Frankly--I got sick of Tacos. ;-) Nonetheless, the other evening I drove by what? A taco truck, and the craving immediately hit me. While there is no name on the taco truck, I asked the proprietor what it is called and he said "Don Tacos". However, none of you are going to be able to find it under this name--as the name is not on the truck!

You can find this taco truck in the parking lot of the "Silver Horse Saloon" on Lancaster/Collard. From all accounts, "Silver Horse Saloon" is a bar frequented mainly both those of hispanic decent. Thus, I KNEW these had to be some good tacos.

Upon realizing that the tacos were $1.50 each, I informed the proprietor that Tacos Lupita (another taco truck a few blocks east) sells them for $1.25. "These tacos are better" he said. In a way, I can forgive his mark-up, as I can only assume when the hungry mexican leaves his saloon, he wants his tacos there and then--and it willing to pay the extra .25.

The first thing I noticed about the tacos is that they were open-faced and the onions were on the side. I'm a proponent for closed tacos with the onions inside. The Asada had an incredible lack of taste. The meat was nice and lean, but was lacking that salty kick that I enjoy. The onions were actually nicely grilled (I prefer raw, but this gave it some flavor that was lacking from the Asada). I do appreciate that they were double-wrapped (two corn tortillas), which is not always the case with taco trucks.

All in all, they were very good tacos. Better than Tacos Lupita? No. However, Fort Worth is blessed to have another taco truck (in the event you stumble out of Silver Horse Saloon and have the taco craving).

Friday, May 14, 2010

Tic Tac Convenience Store

4310 McCart Ave.
Fort Worth, TX
All major credit cards

Tacos Consumed: Fajita Chicken
Preference: Fajita Chicken

Right smack in the middle of Tacoville is a gas station that advertises tacos. Seeing as no taco is safe during the Hunt, especially in Tacoville, I decided it was time to check out how good the "gas station tacos" are in that area.

Alas, I stumbled into "Tic Tac". Behind the counter was a gentleman (who is not hispanic) that was thrilled I wanted to try a taco. "The best you've ever had" he said. Of course I had no delusions it would be the best taco I've ever eaten--as I've had some pretty good tacos--but I must admit, it was darn good.

The menu is not your typical Taqueria menu. Instead you will see things like brisket taco, ground beef taco, etc. I elected to go with the chicken fajita taco, on a corn tortilla.

As I watched the gentleman work the grill (two hamburgers on the left, my chicken on the right) I pondered how good it would be. As he threw seasoning after seasoning on the chicken, my bar increasingly lowered.

He asked if I would like everything on it. I asked "what is everything?" and upon hearing "onions, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese", I opted just for onions.

The taco came single-wrapped in a corn tortilla. Upon looking at it, it looked nothing like the other tacos in the area. It was certainly a rogue-looking taco, but I was in for the long haul.

Surprisingly, I was MORE than pleased with the taste. After my first bite, I found myself scarfing it down, wanting more. I've come to learn that the mark of a good taco is when you walk out of the venue, you smack your lips and think to yourself, "that was pretty darn good". That is how I felt leaving Tic Tac.

Obviously there is no ambience here, but there are two chairs and a bar on which to eat. I give Tic Tac three tacos. The lack of cilantro prevented me from giving it a four taco rating---but although it is not your typical Tacoville taco, it was pretty darn good.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mi Bella Ensenada

Mi Bella Ensenada
2612 N.E. 28th Street
All Major CC
8:00 - 9:00pm (7 Days)

Tacos Consumed: Asada
Preference: Asada

When fishing, I often do not overlook places that 'just looks like it should have fish'.

Word on the street is that there is a taco truck on the corner of NE 28th and Sylvania. Upon hearing this, I verified with on of my regular Taco Truck-stops (Beach Street taco truck---a few blocks away). I let him know I would be trying his competitor.

Unfortunately, upon arrival, the Taco Truck was not there. That is the bad news. The good news is that this intersection just looks like it should have tacos. Consequently, I entered the first taqueria I saw--Mi Bella Ensenada.

Upon walking into the establishment I was warmly greeted by the staff who were there ready to take my order. The tacos here are $1.50 each, thus I only ordered three of them, thinking they would be large tacos--I was wrong.

Unfortunately, the tacos were single-wrapped in barely grilled corn tortillas--and pretty much what I consider single-bite tacos. On the plus side, the Asada was very tasty, and my order did come with chips/salsa.

I apologize for the blurry picture---but I promise you are not missing anything special.

I can only give Mi Bella Ensenada three tacos. If you've never been to a taqueria, they will no doubt be the best tacos you've ever eaten, but the $1.50 per taco is way overpriced.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tacos Lupita

East Fort Worth
Lancaster Taco Truck (one block east of Oakland Blvd)
11:00 am - Midnight

Consumed Tacos - Asada/Al Pastor
Preference - Asada

While Fort Worth's Taco Hunt has primarily focused on Tacoville and East Seminary, I decided it was time for me to venture out to the area in which I was raised, my old neighborhood and stomping grounds--East Fort Worth. As we called it during my youth, this is the "Eastside".

Lancaster Avenue has changed over the years in that many of the strip clubs that aligned the street are gone, and in their place are taquerias.

I understand many people are concerned with venturing into this area, but I see it as home. I lived in the area from elementary school up until I graduated High School, and while there are some dangers to loitering in this area---I cannot turn my back on my old stomping grounds. It was just as "dangerous" when I lived there, and I made it out with some of the best memories of my life, thus I have no problem keeping my roots and enjoying what the Eastside has to offer. Tried and true, I am an Eastside boy.

Yes, I had to ward off a few homeless folks hanging around the area and this is just simply part of the "scene" you will encounter heading to the Eastside. If it makes you uncomfortable, then stay away.

My first stop here was Tacos Lupita (pronounced 'Loo-pee-tah'). It's a taco truck that has been a staple in this area for the past few years. Frankly, I have enjoyed tacos from this place, but not since the true Taco Hunt had started, thus they were on the top of my list to represent the Eastside in the hunt.

Their sign boasts "The Best Tacos in Town". I can honestly say they have probability in claiming this title.

The tacos are $1.25 each, which are a bit on the high-end for taco trucks. However, the product is well worth it. The taco truck is aligned with bullet-proof glass (can't say I blame them) and you order through a series of holes in the bullet-proof glass.

The woman working at Tacos Lupita seems like she would rather be anywhere in the world other than making tacos in the taco truck. I thought about this, and frankly cannot blame her. I will say, however, once you become a regular--she will take care of you.

The tacos are simply among the best you can ever find in Fort Worth. Double-wrapped in fresh corn tortillas purchased from a Tortarilla down the street (review to come), with meat the will raise you off your seat its so tasty.

While ordering my tacos at Tacos Lupita, there was an African-American gentleman sitting out front enjoying his tacos. I told him about what I do (I review tacos) and let him know if he did not want to his picture taken, then he best move aside. Most folks in this area do not take kindly to people taking their pictures ad-hoc, so my advice it to let people know in the Eastside why you are taking their picture.

He was more than happy with it, and we reminisced about "back in the day" in East Fort Worth. I pointed out places where they used to have BBQ Trucks, many of which he himself enjoyed. When I told him I'd not seen many "brothers" at the taquerias I've been to, he told me, "Well---it's better than Jack-In-the-Box." My man, you are Sooooooo right.

The Taco Hunt has made it to the Eastside, and I am excited about its opportunities.

Friday, April 2, 2010

El Rincon De Hidalgo

3139 E. Seminary Drive
Fort Worth, TX
Major Credit Cards Accepted

Tacos Consumed: Asada/Pollo y Chipotle
Preference: Asada

Just like I assume regions of Mexico vary in their style of tacos, I have found the same to be true with Fort Worth. That being the tacos in the E. Seminary section of Fort Worth are very much alike, and vary quite a bit from the tacos in Tacoville, For what it is worth, I prefer the Tacoville style of tacos, but variety can be a good thing at times. The main difference is that E. Seminary tacos are more expensive, but much bigger, and almost all have "homemade" tortillas.

I found the inside of El Rincon De Hidalgo (and I have NO idea what that translates into) to be very interesting. It is incredibly small and has all of three booths on which to sit. There were two gentlemen inside who seemed to be the owners (the Hidalgo brothers??) and they were very happy to see me.

Note that these gentlemen did not speak a single word of English other than "Thank you", "melon", and "fresh"

I decided to sit at booth #2, as it was the cleanest and had the best view (looking through barred windows out on to E. Seminary), although I did have to thoroughly wipe down the table (common self-service feature of taqerias).

Upon ordering my tacos, the gentleman pointed to a cup. He said "fresh". "Sure" I responded.

He came back with an orange looking drink. I took a sip and the heavens opened up. I looked at the gentleman and he said "melon". It was actually a cantelope drink. Not sure how they made it, but it was one of the most refreshing drinks I've ever had in my life. If you go to El Rincon De Hidalgo, and cannot leave without asking for "melon drink".

I ordered three Asada tacos and one Pollo con Chipotle taco. I ended up getting on one asada taco and two Pollo con Chipotle tacos. I chaulk this up to the language barriers as opposed with poor customer service--and I did not bother mentioning anything to them,

When I saw the tacos, I was VERY happy they messed up my order. As hungry as I was---I could not eat four of them. The Pollo y Chipotle tacos had a mixture of white and dark meat, that was a bit of a let down. At one point I saw something that looked like a chicken heart--but it turned out to be just a chipotle pepper. '

The Asada taco had a zang to it, and I added to that by putting on a little too much lime---which did sour the taste a some, but that is my own fault. The home made tortillas are on par with what I'm finding in this area of Fort Worth---average.

I'm giving them three tacos, mainly due to the scary Pollo y Chipotle tacos. However, I would certainly still recommend them--and the "melon drink" is a once in a lifetime experience.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Carniceria Mi Pueblo

1223 East Seminary Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76115-2910
(817) 920-1700
All Major Credit Cards

Consumed Tacos: Carnitas (I was too scared to try anything else).

For the first time during The Hunt, I almost chickened out.

Walking into Carniceria Mi Pueblo on East Seminary showed me how truly hard-core I have become in search for the perfect Tacos. Carniceria in Spanish means meat shop. I've found that most of them serve as a grocer/deli/butcher shop. While I have been in some code-violating "Mexican meat shops", I must truly admit that I was a little intimidated by Carniceria. Although I am not a health inspector, I could easily spot 5-10 violations the minute I walked up to the taqueria.

To put things in perspective, I did not recognize any of the meat they had laid out ready to be put in tacos. Everything suddenly started looking the same and then, "Ges?" I heard a voice and looked up to see a Senioriata ready to take my order. As I stood there contemplating if I should turn around and take off I said, "Uhhhhhh.....Asada?" The woman replied "Carnitas?" I said once again in my best Mexican accent, "Asada?" "Carnitas" she replied. Giving up on the hope of Asada (and not wanting her to substitute something for Asada without me knowing) I said, "Yes, Carnitas" (as at least I KNOW what that is).

She then pulled a serving spoon from a pan that had some kind of tongue in it, and scooped up a piece of Carnita for me to try (by using my hands to pick up off the spoon). I figured there were enough code-violations in this place, what's one more? Thus if you were at Carniceria Mi Pueblo on 3/24/2010 anytime after 11:30 am and ordered tacos---my fingers touched the serving spoon---but I promise they were clean. Let's just hope everyone else's were clean that day. Anyway...

At $1.00 I really started to ask myself why someone would not spend an extra .25 cents per taco and go to Rosita's Taco Trailer (which is becoming my new favorite hang-out) just down the street. I know why I'm there---because it's my job to try every single taqeria in the city so you can make informed choices. i.e. I am sacrificing my digestive system---so you don't have to sacrifice yours.

Once you can get past the initial shock of what's involved with getting the food, the tacos are actually not that bad. The tortillas were above average, and frankly I ate them as quickly as I could so as not to think too much as to what I was eating. As I was sitting on the tailgate of my pickup looking out at East Seminary (which is always fun), a Mexican gentleman walked by me and said something in Spanish I could not make out.

I figure it was one of three things:

1. He asked me if I was enjoying my tacos (he had a pleasant look on his face when he approached me).

2. He was crazy and talking about something that would not have made sense even if translated. I don't think this is the case as he did get out of his car and was sane enough to operate a vehicle.

3. He said to me, "I can't believe you are actually eating tacos from there!"

I like to #1 is the answer, so I just smiled and nodded.

All in all, if you want to step out on the ledge and try some seriously home-style tacos, or if you want to try some exotic meats not available in other taquerias, OR if you simply want to buy some bottled coke (with cane sugar) by the case, then Carniceria Mi Pueblo is your place. Else if you go there just for the tacos--I have not been doing my job.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rositas Taco Trailer

3122 Mansfield Hwy (AutoZone Parking Lot)
Fort Worth, Tx
Consumed Tacos: Asada (and it was GooOOOooD)

Heading east from Los Magueyes, I noticed something in the Autozone parking lot of the busy East Seminary Dr/Mansfield Hwy intersection---a Taco Trailer. Notice I did not write Taco Truck---as this is a Taco Trailer (see picture below). How great is that?? Of course I just HAD to stop and check it out...and I'm sure glad I did!

The gentleman in the trailer spoke surprisingly good English, yet had a thick enough Mexican accent to where I knew the Tacos would be good. I ordered two Asada (@ $1.25 each) and the gentleman served me up two INCREDIBLY good tacos filled with both chopped AND grilled onions, as well as fresh cilantro.

Between me and the world, I will pass on the grilled onions next time I visit. However,- for those that do like them---know they are there for you as a treat. The tacos also came with a slice of lime as well as baked Jalapeno pepper. Frankly, I really wanted to dive into the Jalapeno but did not want to miss the next few days of work.

The location is also brillant. On an absolutely beautiful day, I sat back and simply "took in" the scene that is S. Riverside/E Seminary Dr.

Sure, I stuck out like a sore thumb in my business attire sitting on the tailgate of my truck eating tacos---but due to the "thumbs up" I was given by many of the Mexican construction workers that were passing by---I think it was a good thing. (Either that or thumbs up means something different in the Mexican culture as it does here here.)

The tacos? Well, they were unbelievably fantastic. Tasty. Fresh. Authentic. It was a beautiful afternoon further beautified by the atmosphere and food. I must say that Mansfield Hwy Taco Trailer will be my new "get-away" on Spring days. When asked what days they are open, the gentlemen informed me "Every day except Thursday. That's when I stock up on supplies." I sure hope he gets some rest too.

When I first started The Hunt, I had hoped for afternoons like this... An EASY Five Tacos!

Los Maguey's

Consumed Tacos: Asada, Pollo y Chipotle
Preference: Asada

About a month ago as I was dropping off some donated goods on Seminary Drive (east of 1-35) near the Forest Hill area, I noticed a slew of taquerias. While I was unable to stop and enjoy anyone of them, much like McCarthur to the Philippines--I vowed to return...

I selected the first one I viewed doing east on Seminary. That would be Los Maguey's. Granted there are at least five other taquerias in eye sight, from this location, but much like opening gifts on Christmas morning, you must start somewhere.

As with many taquerias in south Fort Worth, when I entered Los Maguey's it seemed as though everyone stopped talking, and the music stopped (with the scratching record sound) and all eyes were squarely on me. As a friend once told me, "They don't like Canadians in that part of town". In all seriousness, I have ALWAYS been welcome with open arms in Tacoville and any other area of the hunt---Los Maguey's was no exception.

As I approached the counter, I looked at the wall menu, and was shocked at the abundance of dishes they have available. The only thing missing? Tacos! I (embarrassingly) asked the woman at the counter, "Do you have tacos?" She immediately called for help, who was a young gentleman that ended up being my translator. He showed me on the paper menu their choices of tacos. I immediately saw the price of $2.00 per taco, which raised my eyes. "We make the tortillas fresh" he said.

For those that read the Antojitos Latinos review, you will see that "homemade tortillas" will send you to a place you've never been. At least the ones at Antojitos Latinos did. Thus I figured $2.00 per taco was fair, and ordered two Asada and one Pollo y Chipotle.

You can remember from the Antojitos Latinos review that homemade tortillas can take some time to order. Thus expecting it this time, I was patient. However, I was a little disappointed that my wait time did not include chips and salsa. After about a 10 minute wait (which seemed like 20) I was greeted with a nice cup of water (on request) as well as my tacos and bottles of red and green taco sauce. As

As an experienced Tacovillian, I've learned the importance of tasting the taco sauce prior to placing it in your tacos. Sometimes it is too hot, and- sometimes it simply tastes like crap. The last thing I wanted to do was ruin tacos I waited 10 minutes for.

Thus I poured some sauce onto a piece of Asada, took a bite, and then...POW!!! It actually was not the sauce, but the Asada was in a league by itself. While it was not the best cut of meat, it was EASILY the tastiest Asada I've ever had. "Oh my goodness", I thought, "this combined with homemade tortillas? I could about to be eating the best taco in my life"

Remember the screeching record sound I mentioned at the beginning of the review? Well, once I bit into the taco, I heard it again. The homemade tortillas I had waited so long for were average at best. In fact, I was fairly certain they were homemade flour tortilla, which is nothing in comparison to homemade corn tortilla.

This got me thinking---what is more important in a taco? The meat or the tortilla? I have to lean toward the latter, so with all the promise the Asada had, the tortilla was a bit of a letdown (especially because it was 'homemade'). One other issue was the lack of a lime wedge. In thinking about it, this might be the time during The Hunt that my tacos did not come with a lime wedge. I am a fan of lime juice on my tacos, so this was another disappointment.

I was excited about the Pollo y Chipotle as I had tried it only one other time--at Tacos Earnesto's (not to be confused with Earnesto's Tacos) and it was a top two taco in the hunt. Because the Asada was so tasty I figured the Pollo y Chipotle would be out of this world! (Queue record scratching music again.) I never realized chicken could not have taste--but this was the case at Los Maguey's. Frankly, I think it was just a little watered-down.

While Los Maguey's probably deserving of 3 1/2 tacos, I am rounding down due to the long wait for average tortillas, and the lack of lime was inexcusable.
I will say the staff was VERY friendly. Probably the best service I have received on the hunt.

I did get a kick out of the payment transaction. The waitress/cashier did not know how to say the amount. She struggled a little bit, "Seeeaahn. Seeevahhhn.." then she gave up and wrote $7.57 on a piece of paper. I looked at her and said, "Oh, siete dólares y cincuenta siete centavos." She laughed, I winked and walked out....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

El Pollo Regio

Various Locations
All Major Credit Cards Accepted

With nearly 20 locations in the DFW metroplex, I figured I would give El Pollo Region a try. While I'm not a big fan of chain restaurants, I wanted to at least find out what El Pollo Regio is. After visiting a location, I am still unsure as to what is.

I elected to visit the location in the heart of Tacoville---La Gran Plaza. For those interested, this used to be the Seminary South Mall, which turned into Town Center Mall, and later to La Gran plaza. La Gran plaza is not so much a mall, but instead a Mexican 'town square', with a grocery store, Govt. services, barber shop, clothing stores. movie theatre, etc.

Now tow things to know about visiting this location:

1. It is VERY difficult to find. Not so much La Gran itself, but El Pollo Regio within the plaza. Some tips: El Pollo Regio faces Seminary Drive and is located next to Pizza Patron and Ross.

2. If you are caucasian, you are very likely to be the only one in the entire plaza. Obviously this does not bother me, and I personally think it is a safe area (of course I grew up in the "hood"),but be prepared for quite a few looks if you go there. They are not trying to be mean-spririted, they are simply confused and wonder what your business is there.

As mentioned, I was a little tentative of trying this place due to it being a franchised concept, but upon me calling the location for instructions and hearing "El Pollo Region. Esto es Maria, cómo le puedo ayudar yo?" (Transalation: this is Maria, how can I help you?) I knew that it would be at least *somewhat* authentic. Go ahead, try it: (817) 923-4595

The one thing that I REALLY disliked about El Pollo Regio is that everything is a "plate". By that, you cannot simply purchase a few tacos, ad hoc. Instead I opted for the "#4" (Taco De Carne Asada). It came at a whopping $4.95 and was essentially a grilled corn tortilla with about a 1/4 pound of sliced Carne Asada on top of it.

As I attempted to fold the tortilla, I was amused at how the beef just poured out. The ratio of meat to tortilla was unreal. While I would obviously prefer too much meat than not enough, I am confused as to why it would be made as such. i.e. I would have MUCH rather preferred to two normal-sized tacos than one large one. Thus while I really enjoyed the tortilla and and meat combination, I ate half the asada with a fork. Taco Rule #6 states: "If a fork is required to consume overflow of meat, then--by default--further consideration should be applied to the ration of tortilla/taco meat."

I must say the asada was very, very tasty. Unfortunately, the salsa was flat-out disgusting (I could not tell if it was made that bad or if it was spoiled), and every now and then I would bite into a piece of fat that was literally like a frying pan to the face it was so shockingly untastetful.

I give El POllo Regio two tacos--mainly becauase while it was tasty, it was not really what I considered a taco. If anything they are more like an al carbon taco---which I DO like, but when I eat al carbon, I want it to tbe al carbon and not a hybrid.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Las Fuentes Taqueria

2216 West Seminary Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76115-1928
(817) 922-9902
All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Consumed Tacos: Asada, Carnitas
Preference: Asada

Because I made it to work around 6:30 am on the day of my visit, I decided to get a jump on my lunch hour and visit Las Fuentes around 10:30 am. While most Taquerias are open early in the morning, I was unsure if they would be open but I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in to see a Mexican family already enjoying their burritos, rice, and beans. You gotta love the Mexican diet. Any food that allows for beans, fried chips, salsa etc. for breakfast is my type of food!

I was actually impressed with the inside of Las Fuentas. While it has the code-violating look that I prefer in a taqueria, it was organized nicely with many types of Mexican sweets, breads, beverages, etc. for that ad hoc purchase. Of course, I stuck with my goal--which is tacos.

Once again, I was vexed as to if this was a table service establishment (where you sit and are waited on) or if you order at the counter. When in doubt, I always go to the counter, as opposed with looking like an idiot by sitting in vain at my table waiting on someone to approach me. Honestly, I still am unsure as to the type of restaurant this is, as after I placed my order at the counter, they brought it to my table. Thus we will dub it fast-casual.

While Las Fuentas has a wide breadth of taco meat from which to choose, I stuck with good ol' Asada, and Carnitas. I elected not to purchase glass bottle coke for budget purposes.

The tacos were served within minutes of my order. As I started into my tacos I noticed that I was missing a beverage of any sort (i.e. water). I decided to tough it out and consume the tacos without a drink.

As for the tacos themselves, they were average at best. Of course, average in Tacoville beats anything else you will try around town. The taco sauce had little flavor, and at one point I actually found myself pouring salt on my tacos---something I had yet to do.
The cilantro was quite flavorful, but I found myself picking quite a few "stems" out of my mouth, which is always a negative.

In looking at the tacos, I could not tell the different between the Asada and the Carnitas (can you?). However, this was a plus as I prefer my Carnitas little over-cooked, as opposed with some "pink" in it. At $1.40 per taco, I was satisfied with the product, but only satisfied. Las Fuentas is not a place to avoid, nor is it a place to seek out.
If you are looking for a one-stop shop where you can purchase a variety of taco meats along with Mexican (sweet breads, of which I am not a fan) and/or Mexican beverages and candy (fan) then this place is worth a trip. Else I would not recommend them unless you are simply tired of the other taquerias.