Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rositas Taco Trailer

3122 Mansfield Hwy (AutoZone Parking Lot)
Fort Worth, Tx
Consumed Tacos: Asada (and it was GooOOOooD)

Heading east from Los Magueyes, I noticed something in the Autozone parking lot of the busy East Seminary Dr/Mansfield Hwy intersection---a Taco Trailer. Notice I did not write Taco Truck---as this is a Taco Trailer (see picture below). How great is that?? Of course I just HAD to stop and check it out...and I'm sure glad I did!

The gentleman in the trailer spoke surprisingly good English, yet had a thick enough Mexican accent to where I knew the Tacos would be good. I ordered two Asada (@ $1.25 each) and the gentleman served me up two INCREDIBLY good tacos filled with both chopped AND grilled onions, as well as fresh cilantro.

Between me and the world, I will pass on the grilled onions next time I visit. However,- for those that do like them---know they are there for you as a treat. The tacos also came with a slice of lime as well as baked Jalapeno pepper. Frankly, I really wanted to dive into the Jalapeno but did not want to miss the next few days of work.

The location is also brillant. On an absolutely beautiful day, I sat back and simply "took in" the scene that is S. Riverside/E Seminary Dr.

Sure, I stuck out like a sore thumb in my business attire sitting on the tailgate of my truck eating tacos---but due to the "thumbs up" I was given by many of the Mexican construction workers that were passing by---I think it was a good thing. (Either that or thumbs up means something different in the Mexican culture as it does here here.)

The tacos? Well, they were unbelievably fantastic. Tasty. Fresh. Authentic. It was a beautiful afternoon further beautified by the atmosphere and food. I must say that Mansfield Hwy Taco Trailer will be my new "get-away" on Spring days. When asked what days they are open, the gentlemen informed me "Every day except Thursday. That's when I stock up on supplies." I sure hope he gets some rest too.

When I first started The Hunt, I had hoped for afternoons like this... An EASY Five Tacos!


  1. I have not seen this taco truck the last few times I've driven by there. Does anyone know if he has moved to another location? These tacos are so good, I would drive anywhere in Fort Worth to get them!

  2. I will have to try them out. I normally. Go to a taco trailer thats on lackland and camp bowie. On the side of the corner store gas station. I allways get the asada tacos!!! $1.25 they are very generous and not stingy on the meat!!!