Thursday, August 26, 2010

Silver Horse Saloon Taco Truck

Fort Worth, TX
Cash Only

Tacos Consumed: Asada
Preference: Asada

I duly apologize for the length in time posting. Frankly--I got sick of Tacos. ;-) Nonetheless, the other evening I drove by what? A taco truck, and the craving immediately hit me. While there is no name on the taco truck, I asked the proprietor what it is called and he said "Don Tacos". However, none of you are going to be able to find it under this name--as the name is not on the truck!

You can find this taco truck in the parking lot of the "Silver Horse Saloon" on Lancaster/Collard. From all accounts, "Silver Horse Saloon" is a bar frequented mainly both those of hispanic decent. Thus, I KNEW these had to be some good tacos.

Upon realizing that the tacos were $1.50 each, I informed the proprietor that Tacos Lupita (another taco truck a few blocks east) sells them for $1.25. "These tacos are better" he said. In a way, I can forgive his mark-up, as I can only assume when the hungry mexican leaves his saloon, he wants his tacos there and then--and it willing to pay the extra .25.

The first thing I noticed about the tacos is that they were open-faced and the onions were on the side. I'm a proponent for closed tacos with the onions inside. The Asada had an incredible lack of taste. The meat was nice and lean, but was lacking that salty kick that I enjoy. The onions were actually nicely grilled (I prefer raw, but this gave it some flavor that was lacking from the Asada). I do appreciate that they were double-wrapped (two corn tortillas), which is not always the case with taco trucks.

All in all, they were very good tacos. Better than Tacos Lupita? No. However, Fort Worth is blessed to have another taco truck (in the event you stumble out of Silver Horse Saloon and have the taco craving).

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