Wednesday, January 6, 2010

La Michoacana Meat Market

3901 Hemphill st.
Ft Worth , TX, 76110
Monday - Sunday
08:00 am - 09:00 pm

Consumed Tacos: Fajita/Al Pastor
Preference: Fajita

Out of all the places I've been to during the Fort Worth taco hunt, I would say that La Michoacana has been my favorite venue. Not just the tacos, but the entire Mexican experience. When you walk into a La Michoacana---you become a Mexican.

I must admit, this place scared me a little bit. Not the clientele, but fact this is obviously mexican immigrant "cheap eats."

This place is a grocery store. Just like Krogers, with a deli section to enjoy fried chicken, potato wedges, etc. La Michoacana, however, is 100% mexican grocery, and instead of a deli that serves cold salads, chicken fingers, their deli serves....tacos!

Now I must say that the taqueria inside looks as beaten down you can get. Regardless, the place was bustling with folks already enjoying, or ordering tacos.

Want low-tech? When ordering at La Michoacana, you actually have to go to a check out lane and pay the cashier in advance. She then who gives you a ticket to take to the taqueria for your order---as the taqueria does not have a cash register.

The taqueria does have a "taco bar" that has fresh cilantro, onions, limes, and different sauces. I elected to get my tacos "to go" and eat them on the tail-gate of my pickup in their parking lot. Something about eating tacos on the tail-gate seems very authentic.

The tacos at La Michoacana are VERY inexpensive. $1.19 for "maize" (corn) or $1.39 or "harina" (flour). Of course like any good Mexican, I went with the corn tortilla. This place had an abundance of different types of meats, some of which I never heard of. I elected to order "fajitas", as it is something I know. I then noticed something that looked very tasty, and inquired as to if it is "Al Pastor" (pork). I decided to get one of each.

The fajita meat was OUTSTANDING. It had just enough grease, a few peppers squishing around in the there, and it thoroughly enjoyed the taco. As I was eating it, I started to wonder to myself if I could consume any of these tacos in one bite.

Next, I tried the Al Pastor. I was beginning to enjoy it when I started thinking of how I enjoyed the fajita better and should have just stayed with that. When eating food, it can be dangerous for me to think, as I then started thinking of pork. I was eating a pork taco. No big deal, it tasted good. Then I started thinking about the different cuts of pork. Then I started thinking of how Mexicans are notorious for eating the "whole hog". Then I started thinking about La Michoacana being a meat market, etc., etc., I eventually put the taco down, simply because my mind was playing tricks on me. I will continue to stick with the Fajita tacos upon subsequent visits there.

All in all, I give La Michoacana four VERY strong tacos. While I doubt the food is as quality as other taquerias, it was incredibly tasty, and the atmosphere---oh the atmostphere.

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