Friday, March 18, 2011

Taqueria Rio Grande Taco Truck

Camp Bowie/Cherry Lane (Fiesta parking lot)
Open 7 Days per week 9-11
Cash Only

Tacos Consumed: Asada/Fajita
Preference: Asada

Prior to attending a business lunch at Uncle Julios, I decided to make a quick stop at this taco truck I'd seen in the Fiesta parking lot. There seemed to be dualing taco trucks at this intersection as there is another taco truck across the street--and I was determined to pick a winner. Seeing as though the other taco truck was absent upon my arrival Taqueria Rio Grande is the official winner (attendance plays a key role with taco trucks, as you want them to be there when you need them).

Any taco truck that opens at 9:00 am gets bonus points, as taco lovers begin their cravings early in the morning. Seeing as though I would be having lunch at Uncle Julios later in the afternoon, I opted for only two tacos. At $1.50 per taco, they are a little on the high-priced side for tacos, but my expectations were certainly met.

It's well-known my favorite taco (by far) is Asada. However I could not contain myself from also sampling a fajita tacos. Most taquerias do not differentiate between the two (simply because they can't), but Taqueria Rio Grande displays tangible differences between Asada and Fajita, which simply adds to the excitement of taco truck tacos.

I found both tacos interesting in that while they were small, there were filled with generous portions of meat, with just the right amount of cilantro and onions. The tacos were double-wrapped in grilled white corn tortillas. White corn seems to be the tortilla de jour these days, and while I prefer yellow corn tortillas (they seem to have little more kick), these were certainly quality tortillas.

The fajita's were perfectly grilled with a hint of smokiness to them and contained juicy grilled onions, and the asada contained that spicy kick that I enjoy. I found the accompanied taco sauce average, at best...but frankly the taste of the tacos did not require much condiment action.

Taqueria Rio Grande has everything I enjoy in a taco truck. The food comes in a styrofoam container, there is plenty of napkins, outdoor seating (with a trash can), and they even had hand-sanitizer, which I thought was a GREAT touch!

I have to pay this taco truck the highest compliment I can give a taco, as when I drove off, I craved more of their tacos. "Always keep them wanting more" is the true sign of a good taco.

During my business lunch at Uncle Julios, I ordered Tacos Al Carbon, and could not help but laugh to myself as Taqueria Rio Grande $1.50 tacos were light-years better than Uncle Julios $10.00 tacos.


  1. We visited tonight and found there have been some changes...all for the good! Tacos are now $1.25 each (when do prices ever go down?) and we happily received yellow corn tortillas. They were great!

  2. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to trying them again for a mid-morning taco!

  3. These are the best tacos from a truck in the fort worth area. The Chicharron is the best I have ever had and believe me I visited all the places you have listed and I agree with your ratings. This place is a must if you want a true authentic taste.

  4. I've never tasted a taco in my entire life. But looking at the pictures above makes me craving for it.
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