Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Taqueruia San Luis

538 W Seminary, Fort Worth, TX
(817) 926 - 3011
(817) 926 – 9491
All major credit cards are accepted

Consumed Tacos: Asada/Pollo
Preference: Asada

While some feel this is not your typical “code-violating” taqueria, Taqueria San Luis is indeed as authentic as it gets. With four locations around the metroplex, I ventured to the Tacoville location. Walking in, I was expecting a somewhat upscale “Fuzzy’s” type atmosphere, but was pleasantly surprised to find that the inside as monotonous as most any other taqueria in that area.

While this is considered a table service restaurant, I’ve come to learn that Mexicans in Tacoville know little---if anything---about service, and thus you simply take what you can get. In this instance, I took a menu and found a seat (all but one were available) in the back party room so I could focus solely on my taco.

A “waitress” approached my table with chips, and red and green taco sauce, and then took my order. What’s missing from this picture? Think hard. Chips? Check. Salsa? Negative. Being the Gringo that I am, I elected to dip a chip into the taco sauce. Big mistake. Taco sauce is for tacos, not chips.

While San Luis offers four tacos with rice and beans for $5.69, I elected to go for three individual tacos only. This was a wise decision on my part. Why? The next thing I know the waitress is bringing me a heaping bowl of steaming hot charro beans. Seeing as though I love charro beans as much as tacos, this more than made up for the lack of salsa. I have know idea why she brought them to me. Perhaps she suddenly fell in love with me and wanted to court me with charros beans. Perhaps charro beans comes with each meal. I guess I would rather have chips with no salsa WITH charro beans, then chips with salsa WITHOUT charro beans.


The first thing about the tacos that stood out to me is that they were single-wrapped in corn tortillas. This is a bit unorthodox for Tacoville, but the corn tortillas were EXCEPTIONAL. Perhaps the best I’ve had to-date.

The cilantro and onions came on the side. I’m not a big fan of that. When I order a taco, I want cilantro and onions, and I want them to be put on by a Mexican---not by me an my white-boy touch. After I tentatively put on the onions and cilantro (afraid I would put too little/too much), I went at it.

The Asada was tasty, but not overpowering, like I prefer. I found myself putting more and more taco sauce on, which is can be a good think or a bad thing. The Pollo was surprisingly good. I’m typically not a fan of chicken tacos, but decided to give her a try, and frankly I was glad I did.
As mentioned, the most surprising aspect to these tacos were the tortillas. Just as bread can make or break a sammich, the same can be said for tortillas and tacos.

If I were to give out halves, I would have given Sans Luis 3 ½ tacos. However, I’ve yet to introduce the half taco, and the lack of salsa for my (albeit free) chips as well as the slightly above average tacos keeps them at a 3 taco establishment. This is okay, however, as three tacos represents it is highly recommened.

Oh, on my way out, the “waitress” whom I passed while no one else was in the restaurant (and tipped nicely) could not even muster a “Gracias” or “Adios” for me. Thus I figure charro beans do come with their meals.

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