Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Carniceria Mi Pueblo

1223 East Seminary Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76115-2910
(817) 920-1700
All Major Credit Cards

Consumed Tacos: Carnitas (I was too scared to try anything else).

For the first time during The Hunt, I almost chickened out.

Walking into Carniceria Mi Pueblo on East Seminary showed me how truly hard-core I have become in search for the perfect Tacos. Carniceria in Spanish means meat shop. I've found that most of them serve as a grocer/deli/butcher shop. While I have been in some code-violating "Mexican meat shops", I must truly admit that I was a little intimidated by Carniceria. Although I am not a health inspector, I could easily spot 5-10 violations the minute I walked up to the taqueria.

To put things in perspective, I did not recognize any of the meat they had laid out ready to be put in tacos. Everything suddenly started looking the same and then, "Ges?" I heard a voice and looked up to see a Senioriata ready to take my order. As I stood there contemplating if I should turn around and take off I said, "Uhhhhhh.....Asada?" The woman replied "Carnitas?" I said once again in my best Mexican accent, "Asada?" "Carnitas" she replied. Giving up on the hope of Asada (and not wanting her to substitute something for Asada without me knowing) I said, "Yes, Carnitas" (as at least I KNOW what that is).

She then pulled a serving spoon from a pan that had some kind of tongue in it, and scooped up a piece of Carnita for me to try (by using my hands to pick up off the spoon). I figured there were enough code-violations in this place, what's one more? Thus if you were at Carniceria Mi Pueblo on 3/24/2010 anytime after 11:30 am and ordered tacos---my fingers touched the serving spoon---but I promise they were clean. Let's just hope everyone else's were clean that day. Anyway...

At $1.00 I really started to ask myself why someone would not spend an extra .25 cents per taco and go to Rosita's Taco Trailer (which is becoming my new favorite hang-out) just down the street. I know why I'm there---because it's my job to try every single taqeria in the city so you can make informed choices. i.e. I am sacrificing my digestive system---so you don't have to sacrifice yours.

Once you can get past the initial shock of what's involved with getting the food, the tacos are actually not that bad. The tortillas were above average, and frankly I ate them as quickly as I could so as not to think too much as to what I was eating. As I was sitting on the tailgate of my pickup looking out at East Seminary (which is always fun), a Mexican gentleman walked by me and said something in Spanish I could not make out.

I figure it was one of three things:

1. He asked me if I was enjoying my tacos (he had a pleasant look on his face when he approached me).

2. He was crazy and talking about something that would not have made sense even if translated. I don't think this is the case as he did get out of his car and was sane enough to operate a vehicle.

3. He said to me, "I can't believe you are actually eating tacos from there!"

I like to #1 is the answer, so I just smiled and nodded.

All in all, if you want to step out on the ledge and try some seriously home-style tacos, or if you want to try some exotic meats not available in other taquerias, OR if you simply want to buy some bottled coke (with cane sugar) by the case, then Carniceria Mi Pueblo is your place. Else if you go there just for the tacos--I have not been doing my job.