Friday, May 13, 2011

Nene's Taqueria

Beach Street/Riverside
Thu., Sun. 5:30pm - 1:00am
Fri., Sat. 5:30pm - 2:00am
(Closed Mon-Wed)

Taco Consumed: Asada/Carnitas
Preference: Carnitas

In the old Minyard's parking lot on Riverside/Beach St., I noticed an interesting taco truck, "Nene's Taqueria".

Upon approaching it, I noticed a woman outside the truck setting up table/chairs and thoroughly cleaning everything in site (perhaps this was 'Nene'?).

I looked at the menu and noticed the tacos were 1.40 each (a little over-priced), BUT it can sometimes be worth it. Seeing as I was hungry and wanted to make up for the Carniceria Los Arcos imbroglio, I ordered three Asada and one Carnitas. After a long days work I was slow on the draw and was asked "would you like cilantro and onions?" ARRGH! The reason I hate this question is because I know if I were hispanic, it would not even be a question. However, if I wanted "white boy" tacos I would go to Taco Bell. Anyway, they are not the first to ask this. Typically it's a competition to see if I can state "with onions and cilantro" before the order-taker asks me that question. This time--they won. ;-)

As I explained to the woman why I was taking the picture of the taco truck ("I review tacos" is by typical beaten down line I give), I asked if they had been in business at this location long. "Oh yea, for a long time". Because I have NEVER seen that truck there, I assume she meant I asked how long they have had the taco truck in general. Regardless, let's hope they make a go of it and are successful at this location.

I was very impressed with the packaging for for my to-go order. This can often be the difference-maker in taco trucks. Nene's tacos came wrapped in quality aluminum foil and were placed in a paper sack with lime, taco sauce, napkins and even salt/pepper. I also noticed they had two hand-sanitizers (something that is becoming en vogue with Fort Worth taco trucks).

Now to the the tacos themselves. About two hours after ordering them, I unwrapped the aluminum foil and was surprised (shocked, actually) that they were still warm. I'd rather not re-heat tacos--so this was a MAJOR plus.

For followers of this hunt, you will notice that for the first time I actually preferred the Carnitas over Asada. Was this because the Asada was not that good or because the Carnitas were very good? The answer is both.

My problem with the Asada were the cuts of meat were incredibly fatty and tough. In one instance I even had to do that thing where you reach into your mouth and pull out that piece of meat you've given up trying to consume--'cause it's just not working. While they were tasty, the quality of the meat was sub-par. The Carnitas on the other hand were among the best I've had. Very tasty and good cuts of pork.

Each taco was double-wrapped in yellow corn tortillas (always a plus). The cilantro was not very fresh. They were dark green and a little wilted.

I will give Nene's Taqueria the benefit of the doubt that their Asada is not always tough/fatty and their cilantro is not always wilted, because everything was PERFECT. If needed, the next time I visit I might be forced actually go with the ol' "Do you know who I am?" so I am sure to get the fresh cilantro and best cut of Asada. ;-)


  1. Uh, how can you say that their cilantro wasn't very fresh and wilted when you let it sit in a bag for two hours? perhaps if you had promptly reviewed the food when it was fresh it wouldn't have been wilted. If you're going to review food, you should really review it right then and there on the spot- not hours after the fact.

  2. Thanks, I'm new to the area and not sure where to go. I really appreciate your blog. I do wish there was a link to Google Maps so I can see where they are located at.

    I'm really interested in Food Trucks and it's hard to know where they are or what they offer, is there a website to help with this? I'm kind of in the Keller area

  3. This sounds good, but where is it? I can't find the intersection of Beach/Riverside on the map, and I've got no clue where "the old Minyard's" is...