Monday, March 1, 2010

Melis Taqueria

4304 West Vickery Boulevard
Fort Worth, TX 76107-6312
(817) 377-8484
Consumer Tacos: Asada/Chicken Fajita
Preference: Asada

I had passed by Melis Taqueria many times (on my way to Montgomery Street Cafe) and they have been on my list to include in the hunt.

On a cold and rainy day, I made by way down Vickery BLVD to Melis Taqueria. The first thing I noticed---although the outside is rather large---there is no indoor dining. On cold and rainy days, this can be a negative, but I was hellbent on trying them. I walked up to the order window and waited. I waited some more and then waited some more. It was clear they were open as one Mexican was enjoying his taco on a picnic table and the lights were all on (including the neon OPEN sign). After not finding a buzzer, bell, ANTHING to alert them I was there, I decided to go next door to "Fernadez Cafe and Taqueria."

As I walked into "Fernadez Cafe and Taqueria" I was handed a menu. After looking at the menu, my conversation with the waitress (WHO WAS HISPANIC) went like this:

Me: I see you have "soft or crunchy" tacos.
Waitress: Yes
Me: Can you tell me if the 'soft' tacos are corn?
Waitress: We have corn tortillas, they are the crunchy ones.
Me: What about the soft?
Waitress: Flour
Me: What comes in the tacos?
Waitress: What?
Me: Does it come with onions and cilantro?
Waitress: Uhm...well, I guess we can put some onion and cilantro.
Me: Do you have Asada?
Waitress: No, just ground beef and (mumble)
Me: Okay, thank you---I was looking for some Asada, or Barbacoa, or Carnitas, or...
Waitress: No, we don't have those types of taocs [AND LITERALLY TURNS AND WALKS AWAY]
Me: [As she is walking away] Oh, sorry. I guess because your sign said 'Taqueria', was..a Taquria.

So that is my review of "Fernadez Cafe and Taqueria". Lessoned learned.

Thus I humbly went back to Melis Taqueria, and waited. In all fairness, upon my return there was a girl who ready to take my order. I did verify that it was "outdoor eating only" as I really did not want to eat in my truck. By this time one Mexican had left his spot on the only try park bench--so I was ready. I ordered two Asada and one Chicken Fajita taco. "Would you like everything on it?" inquired the young woman? (At least I was not asked if I wanted Cilantro and Onions---but more on this later). "Affirmative" I responded. "Oh, and let me have a glass bottle of the Mexican Coke".

As I sat on the picnic bench with my bottle of coke overlooking Vickery Blvd., I started to think how this place much actually hop in the spring and summer. There seems to be a large outdoor patio, but it was boarded up and assume they only open it in the spring/summer.
I know when I were in college I'm sure my fraternity brothers and I would have had no problem bringing a cooler of beer, and get down on some $1.40 tacos all night at a place like this.

But alas I sat as a 39 year old man sipping from his glass bottled coke, staring blindly into space waiting for tacos. Within a few minutes the woman rang a bell and said "Chree tas?" "I"m sorry, I asked?" "Chree TAcos?" she asked again. I looked away for a moment, puzzled as why she would ask me this question when she took my order and I was the ONLY person there. Nonetheless, I smiled and said, "yes". So much for what transpires in 1.3 seconds in my mind, onto the food...

I quickly took the picture of the tacos as it was quite cold outside and I did not want them get cold (there is little worse than cold tacos). The hot sauce was on the side and as I poured some red sauce on the tacos. "Hmmm" I thought as I could smell the sweet tang of the sauce. As I poured some green sauce on my tacos, I thought "ohhhhh shit" as I could smell the powerful habenero fumes coming from the sauce.

I first bit into one of the Asada tacos. WOW. That bad-boy was FILLED with quality, tasty meat. Unfortunately, something tasted a little different. Could it be? Tomatoes? AHHHH!!! There were tomatoes on my tacos. Actually, I did not mind too much as I like tomatoes, but was not expecting them. Next time I will ask for cilantro and onions only. Next onto the chicken fajita taco. Once again, WOW! It was over-flowing with meat. I must say out of all the taqerias I've been to on the hunt, Melis seems to offer the best bang for buck at $1.40 per taco.

Now to the negative: The tortillas. While they weren't necesarrily bad, they did keep them from a 'five taco' rating. If anything, they were a little under-grilled. They were almost like they were taken from the package, tossed onto the griddle for a few seconds and taken off. If not for this I would have no problem giving Melis Taqueria five tacos, but just like bread makes the sammich, tortillas make the tacos, in my opinion.


  1. Good sir though your opinion is always spot on and this place is amazing Fernandez has excellent breakfast and other mexican dishes. Though they are not a Taqueria per say, but It is a well established and delicious restaurant. I also see that you do not have a spot for the northside taqueria on North East 28th st and 35... Sir this is also a well deserved spot you should check out.

  2. I live just pretty close to Melis. I see lots of people down there during the lunch rush, ranging from blue collar workers to college students to people in professional attire.

    I gotta say I really like 'em. A nice little place that doesn't pretend to be anything but good home cooked eats. If you enjoyed the tacos I'd also recommend picking up a torta sometime. They're generous with the portions and taste great. The tamales aren't bad either :)