Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Beach Street Taco Truck

Parking Lot of Alpha Y Omega Church
3100 Block of North Beach Street
(Cash Only)
Open Tue-Sun 5:00 pm-10:00pm.

I slammed on my brakes.

Going home after a hard day's work, I pondered if I should pick up some food on the way home, and if so---what? Taking the back roads to avoid the nast 1-35N rush-hour traffic, I made my way down North Beach Street. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed something in the parking lot of the "Alpha Y Omega" parking lot that was not there on previous days. A TACO TRUCK! As a long time fan and supporter of taco trucks, I was enthralled that one had surfaced on my route home.

Note that the title here is "Taco Truck". I did not explicitely see a name on the truck, so it will be henceforth known as "Taco Truck". When I first approached Taco Truck, I was surprised to see a cute little girl (approximately my daughter's age 7-8) taking orders. As I glanced at the menu, I was pleasantly surprised at the cost of tacos ($1.00) as well as the breadth of available menu iteams.

See picture below for the available menu items, as well as our gracious host smiling for the camera. ;-)

I ordered my usual: three Asada tacos--as always with onions, cilantro, and hot sauce. All of this for $3.00---that is a great bargain. The tacos came in single wrapped, white corn-tortillas. Although they were single wrapped, I never had an issue keeping the meat inside. At Taco Truck, there is no seating. You get your order on a paper plate covered with aluminum foil. You should sit and eat in your food in your car. If you are concerned about your tacos going cold by the time you get home, I suggest bringing your own styrofoam box, but rememebr---tacos ordered at a taco truck, should always be eaten in the parking lot of said taco truck.

The Asada VERY tasty. The onions were incredibly flavorable, and this was accompanied by the perfect amount of cilantro. I am grateful the hot sauce came on the side, as it was VERY hot.

I call these "one-bite" tacos. Not because they are so small that they can easily be consumed with a single bite, but instead because they are so good that you want to stuff the entire taco in your mouth.

The taco truck has become somewhat of a rarity in Fort Worth. Due to the multitude of zoning/ health code enforements that prevent honest people from making an honest living, it's difficult to find taco trucks that remain in one spot very long.

As for now, if you are around the 3100 block of North Beach street, be on the lookout for Taco Truck. I just hope it's there on my way home today...
UPDATE: I passed by there on Monday and they were gone. :-( However, on Tuesday they were back. I spoke with the Taco Truck woman, and she said they are there every day except Monday. My advice---get it whilst you can.

UPDATE #2: I have visited this place many times since my review and they are on location like clockwork. Give them a visit anytime Tue-Sun from 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm.

UPDATE #3: This place really seems to be doing great now. The past few times I've visited, there was a line to get tacos. They have also set up some out-door picnic benches on which you can eat. I sat outside there recently and ate with the owner. He told me his wife (who is the "chef") is actually a cook at another taqueria--I will not list the name of it to respect her privacy, but it has been reviewed on this site. The next time you go there, tell them the "white guy" who writes about tacos said 'hello'. ;-)


  1. Keep up the good work, I have several of your places on my to-do list, especially tacos Ernesto's on McCart.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I highly recommend Tacos Earnesto's on McCart, not to be confused with Earnesto's Tacos on Hemphill. ;-) Let me know your thoughts after you go...

  3. Thanks for your Taco Reviews. Although I haven't eaten as tacos as you have, I appreciate you're search for Fort Worth's perfect taco. I remember eating street tacos in TJ where you can get 3for$1 or 4 for $1. Those were the days! To me, those were the gold standard. My new search for the perfect taco has been sparked by my recent trip to Fuzzy's Tacos. There's NO WAY that any item in that establishment should be considered a taco. Quite easily the biggest taco ripoff in DFW.

    I tried a couple Al Pastor tacos and an Asada taco from the Beach Street truck. The taste brought back some good memories, but thought they could use a little more onions or maybe some salsa. Tacos are now $1.25 but well worth the price.

  4. hello taco master :) I'm in desperate need of a taco truck for an event and this one sounds perfect! only problem is i live in dallas - any chance you know how i can get a hold of them (I speak spanish) without driving down there? Thanks for all the help!!!

  5. I noticed this post is 2010 so wondering if this is still around? I'm new to the area trying to find some real authentic Mexican food in the Keller/Western Center/Beach Street area.

    Also really interested in Food Trucks but having a hard time finding any and details...