Friday, May 14, 2010

Tic Tac Convenience Store

4310 McCart Ave.
Fort Worth, TX
All major credit cards

Tacos Consumed: Fajita Chicken
Preference: Fajita Chicken

Right smack in the middle of Tacoville is a gas station that advertises tacos. Seeing as no taco is safe during the Hunt, especially in Tacoville, I decided it was time to check out how good the "gas station tacos" are in that area.

Alas, I stumbled into "Tic Tac". Behind the counter was a gentleman (who is not hispanic) that was thrilled I wanted to try a taco. "The best you've ever had" he said. Of course I had no delusions it would be the best taco I've ever eaten--as I've had some pretty good tacos--but I must admit, it was darn good.

The menu is not your typical Taqueria menu. Instead you will see things like brisket taco, ground beef taco, etc. I elected to go with the chicken fajita taco, on a corn tortilla.

As I watched the gentleman work the grill (two hamburgers on the left, my chicken on the right) I pondered how good it would be. As he threw seasoning after seasoning on the chicken, my bar increasingly lowered.

He asked if I would like everything on it. I asked "what is everything?" and upon hearing "onions, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese", I opted just for onions.

The taco came single-wrapped in a corn tortilla. Upon looking at it, it looked nothing like the other tacos in the area. It was certainly a rogue-looking taco, but I was in for the long haul.

Surprisingly, I was MORE than pleased with the taste. After my first bite, I found myself scarfing it down, wanting more. I've come to learn that the mark of a good taco is when you walk out of the venue, you smack your lips and think to yourself, "that was pretty darn good". That is how I felt leaving Tic Tac.

Obviously there is no ambience here, but there are two chairs and a bar on which to eat. I give Tic Tac three tacos. The lack of cilantro prevented me from giving it a four taco rating---but although it is not your typical Tacoville taco, it was pretty darn good.

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