Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fuzzy's Taco Shop

2719 Race Street,Fort Worth. 817-831-TACO.
Sun-Thu 9:15 am-10:00 pm, Fri-Sat 9:15 am-11 pm.
All major credit cards are accepted.

Consumed Tacos: Shredded Beef/Shredded Pork
Preference: Could not tell difference

For many years, I had heard about Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. The heavily marketed restaurant chain is growing in popularity, thus I simply had to include them in the hunt.

The atmosphere inside of Fuzzy’s is alive. The clientele are more along the lines of those who want to eat, drink, and be merry then the beaten down immigrants searching for a taste of home that you find in Tacoville. The chips were average. The salsa was thick and had more of a sweet taste as opposed with a zesty taste.

I ordered two tacos (which were a surprisingly expensive $1.99 each): shredded beef, and shredded pork. Unfortunately, I was unable to tell the difference between them, which speaks to the quality of tacos. Fuzzy’s specializes in “Baja” tacos, which is primarily a fish taco. They unfortunately share the same recipe for all types of meat.

While the tacos were definitely tasty, it is obvious they cater to the Caucasian taste—i.e. these are “white-boy Tacos”. The tacos were filled with small portion of meat, along with an abundance of vegetables and what appeared to be goat cheese.

While the tacos were definitely tasty, their lack of authentication allows prevents them from scoring higher than a two.

I definitely enjoyed Fuzzy’s, and plan on taking my family there soon. I think the kids will enjoy the “Baja” tacos.

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