Friday, April 2, 2010

El Rincon De Hidalgo

3139 E. Seminary Drive
Fort Worth, TX
Major Credit Cards Accepted

Tacos Consumed: Asada/Pollo y Chipotle
Preference: Asada

Just like I assume regions of Mexico vary in their style of tacos, I have found the same to be true with Fort Worth. That being the tacos in the E. Seminary section of Fort Worth are very much alike, and vary quite a bit from the tacos in Tacoville, For what it is worth, I prefer the Tacoville style of tacos, but variety can be a good thing at times. The main difference is that E. Seminary tacos are more expensive, but much bigger, and almost all have "homemade" tortillas.

I found the inside of El Rincon De Hidalgo (and I have NO idea what that translates into) to be very interesting. It is incredibly small and has all of three booths on which to sit. There were two gentlemen inside who seemed to be the owners (the Hidalgo brothers??) and they were very happy to see me.

Note that these gentlemen did not speak a single word of English other than "Thank you", "melon", and "fresh"

I decided to sit at booth #2, as it was the cleanest and had the best view (looking through barred windows out on to E. Seminary), although I did have to thoroughly wipe down the table (common self-service feature of taqerias).

Upon ordering my tacos, the gentleman pointed to a cup. He said "fresh". "Sure" I responded.

He came back with an orange looking drink. I took a sip and the heavens opened up. I looked at the gentleman and he said "melon". It was actually a cantelope drink. Not sure how they made it, but it was one of the most refreshing drinks I've ever had in my life. If you go to El Rincon De Hidalgo, and cannot leave without asking for "melon drink".

I ordered three Asada tacos and one Pollo con Chipotle taco. I ended up getting on one asada taco and two Pollo con Chipotle tacos. I chaulk this up to the language barriers as opposed with poor customer service--and I did not bother mentioning anything to them,

When I saw the tacos, I was VERY happy they messed up my order. As hungry as I was---I could not eat four of them. The Pollo y Chipotle tacos had a mixture of white and dark meat, that was a bit of a let down. At one point I saw something that looked like a chicken heart--but it turned out to be just a chipotle pepper. '

The Asada taco had a zang to it, and I added to that by putting on a little too much lime---which did sour the taste a some, but that is my own fault. The home made tortillas are on par with what I'm finding in this area of Fort Worth---average.

I'm giving them three tacos, mainly due to the scary Pollo y Chipotle tacos. However, I would certainly still recommend them--and the "melon drink" is a once in a lifetime experience.