Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tacos Lupita

East Fort Worth
Lancaster Taco Truck (one block east of Oakland Blvd)
11:00 am - Midnight

Consumed Tacos - Asada/Al Pastor
Preference - Asada

While Fort Worth's Taco Hunt has primarily focused on Tacoville and East Seminary, I decided it was time for me to venture out to the area in which I was raised, my old neighborhood and stomping grounds--East Fort Worth. As we called it during my youth, this is the "Eastside".

Lancaster Avenue has changed over the years in that many of the strip clubs that aligned the street are gone, and in their place are taquerias.

I understand many people are concerned with venturing into this area, but I see it as home. I lived in the area from elementary school up until I graduated High School, and while there are some dangers to loitering in this area---I cannot turn my back on my old stomping grounds. It was just as "dangerous" when I lived there, and I made it out with some of the best memories of my life, thus I have no problem keeping my roots and enjoying what the Eastside has to offer. Tried and true, I am an Eastside boy.

Yes, I had to ward off a few homeless folks hanging around the area and this is just simply part of the "scene" you will encounter heading to the Eastside. If it makes you uncomfortable, then stay away.

My first stop here was Tacos Lupita (pronounced 'Loo-pee-tah'). It's a taco truck that has been a staple in this area for the past few years. Frankly, I have enjoyed tacos from this place, but not since the true Taco Hunt had started, thus they were on the top of my list to represent the Eastside in the hunt.

Their sign boasts "The Best Tacos in Town". I can honestly say they have probability in claiming this title.

The tacos are $1.25 each, which are a bit on the high-end for taco trucks. However, the product is well worth it. The taco truck is aligned with bullet-proof glass (can't say I blame them) and you order through a series of holes in the bullet-proof glass.

The woman working at Tacos Lupita seems like she would rather be anywhere in the world other than making tacos in the taco truck. I thought about this, and frankly cannot blame her. I will say, however, once you become a regular--she will take care of you.

The tacos are simply among the best you can ever find in Fort Worth. Double-wrapped in fresh corn tortillas purchased from a Tortarilla down the street (review to come), with meat the will raise you off your seat its so tasty.

While ordering my tacos at Tacos Lupita, there was an African-American gentleman sitting out front enjoying his tacos. I told him about what I do (I review tacos) and let him know if he did not want to his picture taken, then he best move aside. Most folks in this area do not take kindly to people taking their pictures ad-hoc, so my advice it to let people know in the Eastside why you are taking their picture.

He was more than happy with it, and we reminisced about "back in the day" in East Fort Worth. I pointed out places where they used to have BBQ Trucks, many of which he himself enjoyed. When I told him I'd not seen many "brothers" at the taquerias I've been to, he told me, "Well---it's better than Jack-In-the-Box." My man, you are Sooooooo right.

The Taco Hunt has made it to the Eastside, and I am excited about its opportunities.


  1. Muchas Gracias for this Blogspot! I tried Tacos Lupita today at it was excelente!So good it has me speaking in Spanglish (thanks Dora) but really, the Asada was great, the pastor was spicy and better and the Beef fajita with flour tortilla did not disappointment as well.