Friday, March 12, 2010

Las Fuentes Taqueria

2216 West Seminary Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76115-1928
(817) 922-9902
All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Consumed Tacos: Asada, Carnitas
Preference: Asada

Because I made it to work around 6:30 am on the day of my visit, I decided to get a jump on my lunch hour and visit Las Fuentes around 10:30 am. While most Taquerias are open early in the morning, I was unsure if they would be open but I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in to see a Mexican family already enjoying their burritos, rice, and beans. You gotta love the Mexican diet. Any food that allows for beans, fried chips, salsa etc. for breakfast is my type of food!

I was actually impressed with the inside of Las Fuentas. While it has the code-violating look that I prefer in a taqueria, it was organized nicely with many types of Mexican sweets, breads, beverages, etc. for that ad hoc purchase. Of course, I stuck with my goal--which is tacos.

Once again, I was vexed as to if this was a table service establishment (where you sit and are waited on) or if you order at the counter. When in doubt, I always go to the counter, as opposed with looking like an idiot by sitting in vain at my table waiting on someone to approach me. Honestly, I still am unsure as to the type of restaurant this is, as after I placed my order at the counter, they brought it to my table. Thus we will dub it fast-casual.

While Las Fuentas has a wide breadth of taco meat from which to choose, I stuck with good ol' Asada, and Carnitas. I elected not to purchase glass bottle coke for budget purposes.

The tacos were served within minutes of my order. As I started into my tacos I noticed that I was missing a beverage of any sort (i.e. water). I decided to tough it out and consume the tacos without a drink.

As for the tacos themselves, they were average at best. Of course, average in Tacoville beats anything else you will try around town. The taco sauce had little flavor, and at one point I actually found myself pouring salt on my tacos---something I had yet to do.
The cilantro was quite flavorful, but I found myself picking quite a few "stems" out of my mouth, which is always a negative.

In looking at the tacos, I could not tell the different between the Asada and the Carnitas (can you?). However, this was a plus as I prefer my Carnitas little over-cooked, as opposed with some "pink" in it. At $1.40 per taco, I was satisfied with the product, but only satisfied. Las Fuentas is not a place to avoid, nor is it a place to seek out.
If you are looking for a one-stop shop where you can purchase a variety of taco meats along with Mexican (sweet breads, of which I am not a fan) and/or Mexican beverages and candy (fan) then this place is worth a trip. Else I would not recommend them unless you are simply tired of the other taquerias.