Friday, January 15, 2010

La Hechizera

2201 W Seminary Dr, Fort Worth, TX
(817) 207-8575
MasterCard, Visa accepted

Consumed Tacos: Chorizo/Fajita
Preference: Fajita

La Hechizera was a random find for me. I intended to review Tacos Earnesto (not to be confused Earnesto's Tacos a block away). Seeing as Tacos Earnesto does not accept credit cards (Booo!) I was fortunate to come across La Hechizera making my way down Seminary Dr.

I was pleasently surprised by two things. First, this was by far the cleanest taqueria I've been to on the hunt, and second, they accept credit cards.

Although itis the cleanest taqueria I've been to, don't let that fool you into thinking it is not authentic. So authentic in fact, the cashier had to get someone to translate my order. I assumed "Dos Fajita Tacos" would not be hard to translate. However, I could tell she was a little intimidated so I simply went with the flow and let him translate "Dos Fajita tacos y Dos Chorizo tacos".

To all the gringos out there, I ordered two fajito tacos and two "mexican sausage" (chorizo) tacos. They were very nicely priced at $1.39 per taco. My understanding is that Chorizo is a breakfast sausage. I've had Chorizo many times, but it's always been in wrapped up with some eggs in a flour tortilla. Easting it as a lunch taco---not recommended.

The tacos came double-wrapped in nicely grilled tortillas. The amount of cilantro/onions were a litte lacking. As mentioned, I don't think that Chorizo is especially designed for traditional tacos, but I thought it was worth a shot. The fajita meat was tasty, however it was not as lean as I prefer. The taco sauce, which came on the side was incredibly thick (almost scary looking) but as always I put a heaping amount on my tacos and thoroughly enjoyed them.

I feel La Hechizera has quality tacos, however tacos are not their specialty. Their menu consists of many other "meat and bread" combinations that I had never heard of, and some of them looked pretty damn good. In addition to my tacos, I also ordered some fajita quesadillas. Along with tacos, quesadillas are something else I thoroughly enoy, and thought I understood.
However, the great taco hunt is a learning experience. Learning never stops. What I learned on this trip is either La Hechizera has the most authentic quesadillas---or the most tricked up quesadillas I've ever had, because they were nothing like the quesadillas I've had throughout my life. This does not mean they weren't good. In fact, these quesadillas kicked my butt. The best way I could describe it a Monte Cristo sammich meets Queso Fundido de Pollo, and they have a baby. That was the quesadillas at La Hechizera.
Regardless, this is all about tacos. Had it not been for the Chorizo tacos (which yes, I ordered) I would possibly give them four tacos. However, for now I give them three tacos, and will return and post and update defining whether they should be move up to four tacos.

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