Sunday, January 24, 2010

El Potosine

4254 Hemphill Street
Fort Worth, TX 76115-1350
(817) 920-0230
Visa/MC Accepted
Consumed Tacos: Asada/Carnitas
Preference: Asada

Heading back to Tacoville, I ventured in to the long awaited El Potosino. It's one of those places that actually looks better on the inside than the outside. I was pleasantely surprised with how big it was, and how neat and clean it looked.

Upon going to the counter to place my order, I was invited to have a seat so that my waitress. I am still not 100% sure which of these places to sit and be waited or which ones to order from the counter. Thereis no way to measure, so use this website as your guide.

My waiteress was very friendly, and I confidently ordered two Asada tacos and one Carnitas taco without evening looking at the menu (I'm such a braggart).

Within seconds of me placing my order, my waitress brings me a heaping bowl of chips. Unlike other venues I've tried, these actually came with seperate Salsa AND taco sauce. Hmmm...okay, so far so good. The chips were incredibly good. Not sure what sort of tortilla they used to make them, but they were thick, hearty chips. Wow, I loved them--and would recommend El Potosine simply for this fact.

Before I could really get down on my chips, I heard the ding of the kitchen bell indicating my three tacos (which cost $4.79, by the way) were ready.

What I first noticed was how I could actually smell the Asada as the plate was delivered, and that is a good thing. All three tacos were double-wrapped, and had a proportionate amount of cilantro and onions. The taco sauce was not incredibly hot, but this was due to the wonderful flavor of the meat. The Asada was incredibly tasty and had a little kick to it. The Carnitas might have been the best I've had. I'm typically not a huge fan of Carnitas, but these were spot on.
All in all I duly enjoyed my visit to El Potosine, and like many of the taquerias in Tacoville---they did not disappoint.

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