Tuesday, March 16, 2010

El Pollo Regio

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With nearly 20 locations in the DFW metroplex, I figured I would give El Pollo Region a try. While I'm not a big fan of chain restaurants, I wanted to at least find out what El Pollo Regio is. After visiting a location, I am still unsure as to what is.

I elected to visit the location in the heart of Tacoville---La Gran Plaza. For those interested, this used to be the Seminary South Mall, which turned into Town Center Mall, and later to La Gran plaza. La Gran plaza is not so much a mall, but instead a Mexican 'town square', with a grocery store, Govt. services, barber shop, clothing stores. movie theatre, etc.

Now tow things to know about visiting this location:

1. It is VERY difficult to find. Not so much La Gran itself, but El Pollo Regio within the plaza. Some tips: El Pollo Regio faces Seminary Drive and is located next to Pizza Patron and Ross.

2. If you are caucasian, you are very likely to be the only one in the entire plaza. Obviously this does not bother me, and I personally think it is a safe area (of course I grew up in the "hood"),but be prepared for quite a few looks if you go there. They are not trying to be mean-spririted, they are simply confused and wonder what your business is there.

As mentioned, I was a little tentative of trying this place due to it being a franchised concept, but upon me calling the location for instructions and hearing "El Pollo Region. Esto es Maria, cómo le puedo ayudar yo?" (Transalation: this is Maria, how can I help you?) I knew that it would be at least *somewhat* authentic. Go ahead, try it: (817) 923-4595

The one thing that I REALLY disliked about El Pollo Regio is that everything is a "plate". By that, you cannot simply purchase a few tacos, ad hoc. Instead I opted for the "#4" (Taco De Carne Asada). It came at a whopping $4.95 and was essentially a grilled corn tortilla with about a 1/4 pound of sliced Carne Asada on top of it.

As I attempted to fold the tortilla, I was amused at how the beef just poured out. The ratio of meat to tortilla was unreal. While I would obviously prefer too much meat than not enough, I am confused as to why it would be made as such. i.e. I would have MUCH rather preferred to two normal-sized tacos than one large one. Thus while I really enjoyed the tortilla and and meat combination, I ate half the asada with a fork. Taco Rule #6 states: "If a fork is required to consume overflow of meat, then--by default--further consideration should be applied to the ration of tortilla/taco meat."

I must say the asada was very, very tasty. Unfortunately, the salsa was flat-out disgusting (I could not tell if it was made that bad or if it was spoiled), and every now and then I would bite into a piece of fat that was literally like a frying pan to the face it was so shockingly untastetful.

I give El POllo Regio two tacos--mainly becauase while it was tasty, it was not really what I considered a taco. If anything they are more like an al carbon taco---which I DO like, but when I eat al carbon, I want it to tbe al carbon and not a hybrid.


  1. Lol so very true.. about the stares. and wondering if you are lost. I recently moved to east side and getting use to the area thanks for the great reviews!

  2. Pollo regio in Hurst on Pipeline Road at Bellaire St is unbelievable. I ordered #8 and it was SIX small double corn tortillas filled with the best chicken in the WORLD plus salsa that was not hot, just right and totally fresh. It PROBABLY depends on the location as to how fresh it is.

  3. Another screamingly positive review for Pollo Regio, this one on Riverside & 377, Haltom City. The barbacoa tacos are fantastic, plate vs solo be damned - get a friend to go and have him get the carne asada taco plate, and split both. Wonderful food. There are 5-taco plates, and that's what I normally get. #8, I believe. And the jalapeno-cream sauce is usually perfect - delicious and will kick you in the face occasionally.