Monday, March 8, 2010

Quarterly Taco Awards

In an attempt to provide you with a succinct version of the Taco Hunt, I am instituting the first "Quarterly Taco Awards", which I will update--well, each quarter. Drumoll, please...

Best Overall Tacos - Tacos Earnesto's

Worst Overall Tacos - Freebird's

Most Mexican Tacos - Juanito's

Most White Boy Tacos - Freebird's

Best Tortillas - Antojitos Latinos (by a MILE)

Best Asada - El Potosine

Best Chicken - Tacos Earnesto's

Best Carnitas - El Potosine

Best Shredded Beef - El Mil Taco

Best Onions/Cilantro - Taco's Earnestos

Best Taco Sauce - Melis Taqueria

Best Salsa - Taco's Earnesto's

Best Chips - Antojitos Latinos (by a MILE)

Best Be Careful What You Order - La Michoacana Meat Market

Most Greasy Taco - El Pollo Palenque

Meatiest Tacos - Melis

Hottest Sauce - Beach Street Taco Truck

Best Atmosphere - Fuzzy's Taco Shop

Worst Atmosphere - Melis Taqueria, (NOTE: This could change with good weather.)

Busiest Taqueria - Earnesto's Tacos

Slowest Taqueria - El Pollo Palenque

Most surprising Taqueria - Antojitos Latinos

Most disappointing Taqueria - Juanito's

Best Taqueria Name - Earnesto's Tacos

Worst Taqueria Name - Tacos Earnesto's


  1. Omg I was just craving tacos from a taco truck and cannot think of any besides the area where I am from in Fort Worth (Seminary). I currently live in Arlington where I cannot seem to find any, but I'm going to have lunch with a friend Thursday in the Haltom and Beach Street Area. Thanks for creating the blog.