Friday, May 13, 2011

Carniceria Los Arcos

6809 Mccart Ave Fort Worth
(817) 370-7131
Major Credit Cards Accepted

Taco Consumed: Barbacoa
Preference: None

Ugh! That is the best way I can describe my latest stop on the hunt. Carniceria Los Arcos was by far the worst experience to-date.

This place is on McCart Avenue about two miles south of South Hills High School.

First, the smell. When you walk in to this place, it's hard to describe what the smell is---but whatever it is---it ain't right. I tentatively made my way to the "taqueria" and asked what sort of tacos they had. I was told "Carnitas (pork), or Barbacoa (beef)." I slowly responded, "Uhm, can I look at it." The cook pulled the lid off of the pan that had the Carnitas, and I immediately said, "Can I see the Barbacoa?"

I took the lesser of two evils (based on site) and went with the barbacoa. I informed the cook I wanted corn tortillas with onions and cilantro (I assumed that would answer all the questions) but he quickly got in "Red or Green sauce"? Hmmm...good one. I elected for green.

I estimate it took 4-5 minutes to make my taco, which is actually a long time. Additionally, there was no place to sit and eat inside of Carniceria Los Arcos (not that I could have stomached the smell anyway).

I decided to take my single taco and eat it outside. To make things more interesting, there were wind gusts of up to 30 mph. As I set the styrofoam box on my car and opened the "green sauce", it immediately blew over and I had "green sauce" ALL over the hood of my car.

As for the taco? It sucked. There is no other way to describe it. I never knew meat could taste so bland. As I write this, my stomach is getting nauseous just thinking of the taco. My job is to provide you with non-biased reviews of Fort Worth's tacos--and my advice for Carniceria Los Arcos--stay away.

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